101 Senior Prank Ideas

101 Best Senior Pranks

Some of the best senior prank ideas compiled by Jokes By Mail.

Senior pranks have been a longtime tradition on most campuses while others consider it taboo.

Although dick practical jokes seem to be prevalent within senior pranks, we compiled a comprehensive list of the best senior prank ideas for you to judge and decide what works and what doesn’t.

A word of caution, some pranks below resulted in arrests and doing time of some sorts. So please be cautious.

Also, we highly recommend you read and understand your school and district policies regarding potential future pranks. You may find some loopholes, you may not.

      1. John Green’s legendary high school best senior prank ideas turned epic. Streaking across the field, so 1970’s.
      2. Cage the school with Nicolas Cage faces.
      3. Put a VW bug on the high school roof.
      4. Put a mascot of some sorts on the roof, ie a chicken, a cow etc.
      5. Ed Maker / Getty Images
      6. Car maze in parking lot or spell class of 2015.
      7. Take an old car, cut it in half, welded it back together around their school’s flagpole.
      8. Dress up as pacman, rest dress as ghosts. Run through school screaming.
      9. Make a giant paper mache penis, cement it to the parking lot, with “Class of 20__” on it. A sure morning entertainer.
      10. Rearrange lettering  of the schools name. Example: Palm Harbor University High School =  “SENIORS RULE BIATCH”.
      11. Put all the furniture on the roof.
      12. Put a horse in the library.
      13. Use cars to block all hallway entrance doors.
      14. Construct a brick wall on the schools entry road.
      15. Hire a mariachi band to follow the principal around for the day.
      16. Saran wrap everything.
      17. Color dye the swimming pool.
      18. Random water bomb teachers during classes.
      19. Superglue pennies on keyholes.
      20. Give a teacher an apple? How about laxative biscottis in your cooking class? Sure to be a shit show.
      21. Long term: visit football field every day, blow whistle, throw bird seed everywhere. Come game day, birds will be trained for the refs first whistle.
      22. Shit in the air vents.
      23. Quick dry cement toilets on campus.
      24. Rent a lift, put about twenty old tires up over the flag pole in front of the school.
      25. Whip it out for the senior class photo with two guys next you having a shit eating grin.
      26. Sneak in and swap everything from one classroom into another. Keep it nice and neat.
      27. I used Laxatives on the biscottis I made for the faculty in my cooking class. One of the teachers shat his pants in class and I got expelled.
      28. Get on the PA system”Paging Dr. Faggot…. Dr. Faggot…. “
      29. Brick the entrance to the school soffice with a 9’x6′ wall. Double layer it so there’s another wall waiting for them.
      30. Acquire a class list, including parent names and mailing addresses, customize a letterhead, send letters to parents from the principal stating seniors have a day off.
      31. Get roughly 50-100 cheap battery powered alarm clocks, set them around the library, all over campus, and other hard-to-reach places. Have them all go off at random times during the day.
      32. Everyone put their phones in their lockers, have them go off at the same time.
      33. Post a for sale sign in front of the school and craigslist.
      34. Post it notes everywhere!
      35. At the schools prep rallies, hide a box filled with bugs with a remote trigger. Once the performance starts, let the bugs out.
      36. Hallway slip n slide.
      37. Hack the PA system with a recording that loops with a list of what seniors hated about school.
      38. Bird food and laxative. Pile it all up right next to the teacher lot?
      39. Put signs on doors redirecting classes, or several classes to one location.
      40. Walkie-talkies hidden near intercom speakers so you can say what you want to say.
      41. Place a tape recorder that plays the sound of an unhappy cat inside a locked cabinet.
      42. Prank call the school, get creative. You might be able to learn some tips and trick from Buk Lau.
      43. Borrow a mig welder and tack-weld the doors shut.They’ll be able to open them pretty easily, after they locate an angle grinder. Superglue?
      44. Does your principle ride a motorcycle? Get the local police to pull the prank where they advise the principle he has stolen motorcycle parts and must go to the station in handcuffs. Don’t forget to film it as the senior class did below. Some of the best senior pranks are not conducted by seniors.
      45. Does your principle drive a tiny smart car? Pick it up and put it in doors.
      46. Conduct a faint, aka the fake. Spread the rumor that the entire school will be vandalized really bad by the seniors. Leak it the info to the school admin. When they show up with the cops, no one is there.
      47. Purchase 20-30 white mice from the local pet store. Find a location where you can eat lunch and there’s some drop ceilings. Feed the mice left over food and water every day during your lunch break. Forget about them after a while and watch some well bred mice pour out of the ceilings and enjoy the show.
      48. Buy hundreds of balloons, get a tank of helium. Add a pinch of fine pixie dust glitter into each balloon, and inflate. The night prior, scatter the inflated balloons around the school. Once people find them, they’ll be sure to pop them giving the a nice glitter facial.
      49. Throw a mattress in the school swimming pool, it usually takes a crane to get it out.
      50. Bubbles in water fountains by adding soap.
      51. 72,000 Ladybugs at Chopticon High School in Morganza, Maryland? This may need some improvement.
      52. Dixie cups filled with water everywhere on the floor. Fill them with water and staple them all together on the floor in order to make it difficult or impossible to walk on the floor.
      53. Round-up the grass in the shape of a penis? It’s happened many time.
      54. Mystery penis appears on the side of a Welsh mountainside. Tractors and farmers.
      55. An alternative to destroying grass is using fertilizer (not to much), as it will make the grass grow tall and green. It will make it stand out.
      56. Backpacks filled with small rubber bouncy balls. Unleash bouncy ball hell.
      57. Uninstall Windows from the computers.
      58. Buy thousands of crickets, tell no one, let them loose in the ventilation system.
      59. Limburger cheese in the vents
      60. Duct tape condoms over all the teachers’ car’s exhaust pipes.
      61. Super glue all the door locks, then get fined tons of money. 😯
      62. Fill the fountain with hundreds of goldfish.
      63. Take dry ice, green glow sticks or green food coloring, break the glow sticks, pour contents into a toilets, preferably staff toilets. Then drop in the dry ice. It should start fizzing over making it look like an atomic toilet.
      64. Bad senior prank idea: Three Gunn High School seniors put 65 pounds of explosives in an unused drinking fountain. Given the flames rather than smoke that shot out at students, they ended up serving three months of weekend jail time and 200 hours of community service.
      65. Car parked in a hallway or classroom, requires dismantling and rebuild. It’s been stated that it took a class 12 hours to complete this task. Or you can disassemble the center door divider like this.
      66. Penis inspection letter mail out.
      67. Bring hay and deck the halls with bails of hay.
      68. Park a boat in a hallway and fill the deck with cups of water.
      69. Build a swing set? Dont they have those already?
      70. Fork up  school lawn, have it spell your class year or get creative.
      71. Balloon everything, balloons everywhere. Stack em high.
      72. Bring the outside in. If you have access to astro turf, sand, dirt etc, bring it all in and set it up nice and neat.
      73. Rent a petting zoo, bring it to your quad.
      74. Place ketchup in all the soap dispensers.
      75. Add arm and hammer into the ketchup bottles and watch the tops explode.
      76. Place rubber mice throughout the school.
      77. Add petroleum jelly on doorknobs and handrails throughout the school.
      78. Turn the cafeteria into a beach scene, with inflatable palm trees, beach balls, tiki torches, beach chairs, and a plastic pool filled with sand.
      79. Write out the graduation year on the front lawn. Ways to do this include using rock salt (it will kill the grass in a day or two, allowing the year to appear), using plastic forks that spell out the year, or cocktail umbrella toothpicks.
      80. Paint the year on a rock or hillside using nontoxic paint.
      81. Hang bras or jock straps on a tree or around campus. Tie them together. Purchase at your local goodwill or second hand shop.
      82. Decorate the sidewalks with colorful chalk artwork.
      83. Have a root beer “keg” party outside.
      84. Slumber party on the front lawn.
      85. Give everyone a small object to slip into the principles hand when you shake hands, such as a marble, quarter, straw, plastic toy, etc.
      86. Dress up a blow up doll in cap and gown.
      87. Send a funny letter to parents with a ridiculous message, such as alcohol or condoms will be required during graduation ceremonies.
      88. Golf cart cemented to stairs.
      89. Fire extinguisher: A freshman hallway is filled with that misty cold stuff from a fire extinguisher.
      90. Lunch rats: Students release rats in a lunch room.
      91. Send letters to parents saying condoms will be available at school dances.
      92. Chickens or rooster released in hallways.
      93. Destroying a computer? Damn.
      94. Slip in some prank announcements by tapping into the school speakers. Have it say something like “all freshman must obey the seniors” or “the class of 2015 is the best class this school has ever had.” Keep it clean and it may run for a while without anyone getting in trouble.
      95. Turn every piece f furniture upside down.
      96. Place cards with messages into the library books. Have them say a message like, “the class of
        was here. You’ve just been tagged to come up with a senior prank.” They’ll be found the following year.
      97. Swap cables around in the computer lab so that the keyboard and mouse control the computer next to it.
      98. Place big signs around the outside of the school that say “school is closed today.”
      99. Execute a well planned traffic stopper where you create a continuous line of walking pedestrians crossing the road.  Now just loop it.
      100. Operation ambush in the cafeteria? This senior prank was classic morph suit dance routine.
      101. Your School Doesn’t Allow Senior Pranks? Don’t feel bad, my high school sucked and never allowed it either. Yes, our best senior prank ideas were forbidden. It was made clear to everyone that anyone participating in any kind of a prank would not be receiving a diploma. Well, JokesByMail may be able to solve that problem. With a custom message, you can send a practical joke using our services 100% anonymously. So don’t feel left out of your senior prank if your school doesn’t allow it. Keep the tradition alive!

13 thoughts on “101 Senior Prank Ideas

  1. Ayush Chandra says:

    These pranks sounds fun but unfortunately such activities are prohibited at my place.
    How about all the students dress like a Mafia including the Hats covering their half face.

  2. nope says:

    condoms filled with water mayo and salt. throw them down the hall ways and put on door handles

  3. Thespacecowboy says:

    So what if the school doesn’t allow Senior pranks. Do it anyway. It would be way more satisfying. But you would have to be smart about it and not get caught (black masks, latex gloves, that sort of thing).

  4. _____TheKiller says:

    turn the front lawn in to a battle ground. with water balloons and burritos as ammo *MWAHAHAHAHA*

  5. sierra says:

    Everybody dress like Hippies, go to the school lobby, play music,sit and have a picnic. Its cheap and pretty fun

  6. Anonymous says:

    We never did a major prank, but we did tons of random spontaneous ones. GermX in water cups, pushing string cheese and meat up the hollow legs of teachers desk legs, switching out the dry erase markers with permanent ones so it was the teacher who did the real damage, zip-tying absolutely everything together, writing insults about teachers on random pages in all the yearbooks for future classes to enjoy… So many more lmao

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